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Welcome to the cricket heaven which we name it “THEMIDWICKET” , One of the best websites which is dedicated to cricket. THE MID WICKET features all the info regarding cricket matches, Match previews, IPL Dream 11 & Fantasy Cricket Predictions from our cricket gurus, analysis of the match, team rankings, scorecards etc.


It is one of the largest and fastest growing websites delivering cricket news and sporting joy to millions of people around the globe every single day. we at THE MID WICKET provide the most engaging content with daily updates, analysis, interviews, videos, live chats to our most dedicated and influential cricket devotees.

At themidwicket.com our commitment to providing quality content, in-depth analysis, interactive sessions with fans, sports journalists and cricket experts, ensures that the information is provided to the die hard cricket fans. And most importantly we bring the fans closer to their sporting heroes and give them a voice through our website. THE MID WICKET provides you with the content which is completely genuine and unbiased analysis when it comes to cricket.

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